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Photo Club Guaiba

Founded on June 6, 2002 "After two photography courses conducted at the State Institute of Education Gomes Jardim, was born the first club of photographers in the city of Guaiba, RS. Founded on June 6, 2002, during a meeting at the Institute Gomes Jardim, was elected president and as vice Alceo Serafini, Michelon Valmir. GFC brings together amateur photographers and is also open to professionals, and aims to stimulate and spread the art of photography as a form of expression. Though the club has been officially Founded in 2002, the idea of ​​bringing together people passionate for photography comes from afar. In 1988, when he was chairman of Alceo Serafini Foto Cine Club Gaucho, promoted some meetings with professional photographers Guaiba, seeking to exchange ideas and integrate photographers.

Professor of Philosophy, Institute Gomes Jardim, Valmir Michelon, who has worked with the theme photography students in the discipline of arts, Serafini invited to talk to students and give photography tips. The following year, Valmir Alceo and organized the first photography course for students and the school community. The impact of the course was so positive that happens in 2002 the second course in Gomes Garden, now open to the entire population of the city. The friendship and affinity created during classes meant that even after the course, the meetings continued. And so we did the Guaiba Photo Club that comes with great support from Foto Cine Club Gaucho. "